Bob Pfeiffer, Building Science Specialist, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

Michael possesses the exact qualities needed to be a highly qualified Energy Consultant- attention to process, detail, understanding the highly complex and interactive nature of buildings, and a mind like a detective! He collaborates with other professionals to produce results and solutions for his customers- this business is no place for "lone-wolves" and Michael has demonstrated his willingness to both learn from and teach others in the industry." November 27, 2012

Darrick S.

Most thorough and easy to work with inspector I have used to date. I would highly recommend Inspect It Right. Don't buy a home using a half rate home inspector. Darrick S 6/4/15 Google 5 Star Rating


I just received a call from a customer that I did a home energy audit for a year ago. They were in the process of remodeling and adding onto their home and wanted guidance on how to properly insulate and air seal the home. He just told me that they are getting a 40% reduction in their heat/electic bill! This is after a 40% INCREASE IN FLOOR AREA!! Now they are going to install solar panels and a wind turbine this summer. WAY TO GO GUYS!!

Ashley D. (Via Linkedin)

Mike is very detailed in his work and very trustworthy.  He was recommended to me by several coworkers, which speaks volumes to his work.  You can tell he truly cares about his clients and provides exceptional service. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. 

Y. Lee

Provided an unbiased and very thorough home inspection. Performed radon testing. Provided a hard copy and electronic copy of the home inspection. Provided a personalized website/blog that allowed us to communicate with Mike privately (which was extremely useful for questions we thought of later after the home inspection was completed). 

Liz K.

The amount of detail and knowledge Mike shared with us was outstanding! I would recommend Mike Carson to anyone buying a home. He does a very good job and puts the findings in a readable format. Thanks so much Mike!! 1/22/2016 5 Star Google Review.  

Joel H.

I wanted to follow-up and say Thank You for all the work you and your team did to get our home insulated! My furnace has been a lot happier since the home improvement. 2013

J. Rye.

We have had Mike inspect two homes for us and he does an incredible and thorough job. There is no comparison between him and anyone else because he's on a completely different playing field. If you have any questions he will do his best to answer them. I can not imagine ever hiring someone else for a home inspection! 1/16 5 Star Rating on Facebook.

Lynn and Joe Horak. Wausau, WI.

If you choose to have Mike Carson perform a home inspection or energy audit we expect that you will have the same good experience that we did.

Here is a brief list of areas that we were impressed with the most:              

We like Mike’s promptness, courtesy and attention to detail. 
We appreciated that Mike gave complete but easy to understand explanations of what he was doing. We discovered that Mike is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and a good resource for making the right choice regarding what is needed to make the home safe and comfortable.  

If you have questions give us a call at 715-842-9712

Garrett L.

Mike was great. He went through every part of the home and explained everything to us very clearly. Being younger home owners, it was so helpful of Mike to take photos and even video explaining how to maintain things. He came very organized and prepared. Very professional and fun also. Could not say enough great things about our experience. 3/2016 Google 5 Star Review.


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  • Son of my client!

    At a recent inspection I had a young boy follow me around.  As I was going through the inspection I was explaining to him what I was doing, looking for and he even helped in some parts.  As young kids often do they lose interest and find the closest toy to play with.  At the end of the inspection he went to his mom and said "I want to do what he does when I grow up"  :-) 

State Licensed Home Inspector