Inspect It Right was recommended to us by our Realtor. It was a good experience. They were very clear on the phone as to what we could expect from them. They were very professional and the report is so easy to read and refer to. We needed to have the owners replace the hot water heater, but I forgot if it was gas or electric. It clearly states in the report the brand name, serial #, size and type of all the main components in the house. As a first time home buyer, I feel very comfortable that I know as much as I can about this house. (5-Star Yellow Pages Rating)

Cindy Brandenburg, Dans Service Plus.

“Michael has been a great asset to us as we have remodeled several buildings. He is the first person we call before beginning major remodels! His building science expertise is truly an asset to any and all homeowners.” November 27, 2012 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

David B.
Mike is so detailed oriented.  I appreciated all of his inspections.  He not only identifies issues, he has given great advice on solutions.   I highly recommend Mike for this type of work.  It is unfortunate that I am only allowed to choose 3 attributes because Mike excels in all 7 listed.   David B Recommendation written via LinkedIn Service Category: Home Inspection Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.  


Garrett L.

Mike was great. He went through every part of the home and explained everything to us very clearly. Being younger home owners, it was so helpful of Mike to take photos and even video explaining how to maintain things. He came very organized and prepared. Very professional and fun also. Could not say enough great things about our experience. 3/2016 Google 5 Star Review.

A. Popieluch

This is the second time that we've hired Mike for a home inspection, and he found issues, some of them major, that we otherwise would've missed. During the inspection, he will answer any of your questions. When he inspects a home, he inspects it thoroughly and he uses current technology (like Myrtle, his Crawlbot) that takes the inspection to the next level, ensuring that you know what you're purchasing. He is impartial and you can really trust his expertise.

Emma W

Mike used thermal imaging to find a fire hazard.  Mike gave us a computer printed report with a DVD of images and video.  He labeled important shut off valves for safety.  We chose Mike from Google not the list from the Realtor, and we heard the Realtors in the basement saying “I didn’t recommend him because I knew he would find stuff”  The Realtor just wanted to the commission and didn’t care that if things were missed in the inspection.  WE would pay the bill later, or in the case of the fire hazard, could be injured. 

It was a great experience with good explanations and great customer service. 

Bob Pfeiffer, Building Science Specialist, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

Michael possesses the exact qualities needed to be a highly qualified Energy Consultant- attention to process, detail, understanding the highly complex and interactive nature of buildings, and a mind like a detective! He collaborates with other professionals to produce results and solutions for his customers- this business is no place for "lone-wolves" and Michael has demonstrated his willingness to both learn from and teach others in the industry." November 27, 2012

J. Thompson

Thanks Mike!  We have our house going back up for sale and all the work you did really helps.  We sent our Realtor the performance report and the before and after FLIR images and he seemed really interested. 

R. Hoeter

Had a great experience when having my future house inspected by Mike at Inspect it Right. Mike was very prompt in communicating with me and answered all the questions I had. Very knowledgeable and respectful. I would highly recommenced to anyone who's buying a home and needs it inspected. Google 5 Star Review 4/2016

Merkel, J

We had the best experience with Mike! He went above and beyond to explain everything in detail and help our real estate transactions go smoothly. He made everything easy to understand not only for my husband, but also for me. I appreciate that he didn't talk down to me as men in these types of professions some times do. He is also kid and dog friendly! I cannot say thank you enough. Absolutely amazing!!