Lisa B.

Nice compliment from a Realtor, thank you for the kind words.   Always a pleasure to hear all the interesting things that can crop up during an inspection! Always appreciate Mike and his vast knowledge!! Lisa B. 

Linda W.

Mike, Just wanted to let you know that since last fall our gas and electric consumption has decreased as well our $$ costs! I can only attribute this to the home insulation improvements we made through the Focus on Energy Home Performance Evaluation and the recommendations you gave us! Thanks again.

A. Popieluch

This is the second time that we've hired Mike for a home inspection, and he found issues, some of them major, that we otherwise would've missed. During the inspection, he will answer any of your questions. When he inspects a home, he inspects it thoroughly and he uses current technology (like Myrtle, his Crawlbot) that takes the inspection to the next level, ensuring that you know what you're purchasing. He is impartial and you can really trust his expertise.

J. Gaffney

Mike is by far the most passionate and knowledgeable home inspector I’ve ever worked with.  He will go places in your home other inspectors would skip and find things other guys would miss.  If you want to know about the GUTS of your home, this is your guy! Mike also has the diagnostic tools to see INSIDE your walls and ceilings.  He can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency and suggest the RIGHT way to do it! If you want a thorough, honest, quality inspection-hire Mike! J. Gaffney, Gaffney Construction

W. Morris

Mike, After an energy audit a year ago and new solar panels, we have had a 45% savings of electricity. All I can say is wow and thanks for your expertise. Bill

Merkel, J

We had the best experience with Mike! He went above and beyond to explain everything in detail and help our real estate transactions go smoothly. He made everything easy to understand not only for my husband, but also for me. I appreciate that he didn't talk down to me as men in these types of professions some times do. He is also kid and dog friendly! I cannot say thank you enough. Absolutely amazing!!

Chris P.

Mike is terrific. Certainly had our best interests at heart. Appreciated his professionalism and his in-depth report. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a home inspector! 5/29/15 Google 5 Star Rating

Cindy Brandenburg, Dans Service Plus.

“Michael has been a great asset to us as we have remodeled several buildings. He is the first person we call before beginning major remodels! His building science expertise is truly an asset to any and all homeowners.” November 27, 2012 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Darrick S.

Most thorough and easy to work with inspector I have used to date. I would highly recommend Inspect It Right. Don't buy a home using a half rate home inspector. Darrick S 6/4/15 Google 5 Star Rating

Bob Pfeiffer, Building Science Specialist, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

Michael possesses the exact qualities needed to be a highly qualified Energy Consultant- attention to process, detail, understanding the highly complex and interactive nature of buildings, and a mind like a detective! He collaborates with other professionals to produce results and solutions for his customers- this business is no place for "lone-wolves" and Michael has demonstrated his willingness to both learn from and teach others in the industry." November 27, 2012


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  • D. Bergmann

    We can not "Thank You" enough for everying you have done and provided for us.  We truly believe with all the knwledge and materials you supplied us with we will be very successful first time home owners!  So glad my sister recommnded you to us, couldn't have found anyone better!!  We are very pleased with all your services!  Thanks again for everything Mike!! We wil be sure to spread the "positive" feedback with others.  Keep up the great work! 2014

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