Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Home Inspector

Choosing a home inspection company is an important decision for every home buyer. A thorough, pre-purchase inspection of a house can be your best defense against unwanted surprises after you move into your new home. 

On this page of our site, we'll try to give you some insight into what questions you should ask when selecting a home inspection service. For reference, we've included our answers here as well. Even if you don't choose Inspect It Right Home Inspections L.L.C we'd like to help you make an educated decision. 

The Company

1. Are you involved with or associated with any other business?

We have been in the residential inspection business for several years.  We are not involved in any other business. In accordance with the state of Wisconsin and WAHI Standards of Practice, we do not participate in any referral or construction related activities. It represents a conflict of interest.  We also carry Errors and Omissions insurance. 

2. Do you encourage the client to attend the inspection?

We always encourage clients to attend the inspection. Clients that attend have a better understanding of the property as viewed by the inspector and are better able to read and interpret the final report. The clients attendance also helps them understand the scope of a home inspection as well as the limitations.

3. How soon can you typically schedule an inspection?

An inspection can usually be scheduled within a few days.

4. How long will the inspection take?

A typical inspection of a 2400 square foot home will take roughly 3.0 hours.

5. Have you received professional home inspection training?

Yes, we receive formal home inspection training from some of the nations leading schools of home inspection such as the accredited school of home inspection from Thompson Education Direct in Pennsylvania and the completion of an intensive hands on Masters Course from the American Home Inspectors Training Institute in New Berlin WI.  With the completion of this course each inspector recieves the designate of being an AHIT certified home inspector.  

The Report

1. How much will the inspection cost?

The inspection fees vary slightly depending on the size and age of the house.  Call our office at (715) 212-4051 for a specific quotation. 

2. What will the inspection report include?

The inspection report covers the Site/Grounds, Exterior, Structural Components, Foundation, Roof, Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating,Air Conditioning, Garage, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Interior.

3. Will you prepare a written report?

Yes, we prepare an extensive computer generated report with photo documentation that generally runs 15-25 pages. Included is a Report Summary that will let you quickly review the recommended improvements to the home. The report format is easy to read and understand for all parties involved in the transaction.  We also include, at no extra charge, a very comprehensive home maintenance manual.  These items not only show you how to take care of your home, it is also a way of keeping an accurate record of the improvements you have done so that if you ever decide to sell your home, you can use these tools to market and add value to your home.  We are the only company in the region that during the inspection also installs specially designed emergency hangar tags teaching you where things are such as your main water shutoff valve, furnace fuel shutoff and much much more. 

4. How soon is the report available?

The professionally printed inspection report with photo documentation on CD, and maintenance manual will be available on site the same day. 

5. Can we see a sample of your report?

You can receive a sample report by contacting our office.

6. Does the report conform to State of Wisconsin and WAHI® Standards?

Yes, our reports conform to (and exceed) the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors (WAHI) Standards of Practice.

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    Hey Mike, I just wanted to take a moment to send you a quick E mail and thank you again for all of your help the other day! Eric and I really appreciated everything and were very impressed by your thoughtfulness to your customers. Like I said before, I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family in the area.

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