Home Inspectors Conference Drones March 9 2018

WSAW.COM: "How to Fix Drastically High Radon Levels in Central Wisconsin"

Running bases with my UAV Copter!

Inspect it Right in the News: Energy Vampire

Customer Roof Flyover

Roof too slippery and steep to walk on due to the many days of rain and it was 33 degrees in the shade that morning. Customer said I would like to add the drone fly over to see the roof. Conditions were right so we sent up the drone to look at the roof.

Water heater spilling Carbon Monoxide into home.

Found another water heater spilling carbon monoxide into the home and not drafting properly. This shares a common flue with boiler. When boiler comes on the exhaust fumes travel down water heater flue pipe and also spill carbon monoxide into the home.

See How Nest Protect Can Help You

If you are looking to replace your existing detectors or remodeling your home. Nest protect is a great way to go. We have this in our home.

Energy Efficient Home Rewards

City Pages Talks to Inspect it Right: "Energy Efficient Home Rewards"


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  • Lynn and Joe Horak. Wausau, WI.

    If you choose to have Mike Carson perform a home inspection or energy audit we expect that you will have the same good experience that we did.

    Here is a brief list of areas that we were impressed with the most:              

    We like Mike’s promptness, courtesy and attention to detail. 
    We appreciated that Mike gave complete but easy to understand explanations of what he was doing. We discovered that Mike is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and a good resource for making the right choice regarding what is needed to make the home safe and comfortable.  

    If you have questions give us a call at 715-842-9712

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