Many of our customers wonder if it is worth it to have a new home inspected. Did you know that a simple home inspection can often save hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

Take Advantage of Your Home Warranty

Most builders provide a one-year warranty on their work. We recommend conducting a new home inspection approximately six months before this warranty expires. This allows six months for issues to arise before the new home inspection that the building inspector didn’t identify, and allows for plenty of time to address issues with the builder and HVAC equipment manufacturers before the warranties runs out.

Our New House Inspection Service

We look over homes from top to bottom and investigate the roof, ventilation system, structure, heating and cooling equipment, electrical work, plumbing system, and home drainage. We also test radon and carbon monoxide levels to ensure your home is safe for your family.

The New Home Inspection Process

Our inspections typically last a few hours and the homeowner is more than welcome to join us during the inspection. We provide a full typed report that includes photos and video clips. Our goal is to help homeowners truly understand the condition of their homes and provide unbiased information; we work for you and put your needs first! This has earned us a reputation throughout Central Wisconsin for excellent customer service.

Our Commitment to Serving Central Wisconsin

We are a premier state and nationally certified home inspection company with many years of experience throughout Marathon County. Inspect It Right Home Inspections is dedicated to helping our local community and giving back.

Our owner, Mike Carson, has earned a reputation for high-quality home inspections and energy audits throughout Wausau, Rothschild, Mosinee, Kronenwetter, Stevens Point, Merrill and Weston, Wisconsin. Inspect It Right Home Inspections is also a veteran owned and operated company that supports the community.

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  • T. Jamgochian

    I am in the process of selling my home and was looking for the performance test files that Mike had done. Of course because this was done over 5 years ago I was not able to find them. I took a shot and contacted Mike wondering if he could find these files so that I could show the buyers. Not only did Mr Carson immediately get back to me, but was also able to dig up these files and promptly sent them over. Thank you for being so organized and diligent. 7/26/16 5 Star Google Review

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