G. Goetsch

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the detailed home inspection.

Barry E.
Mike was AWESOME to work with! He encouraged me to join him on the visit to see first hand what he was looking for. A true professional and didn't just complete the inspection but also provided great information on home maintenance, how systems work, and cost saving efficiencies. Would recommend him for your next home inspection!   Forgot to mention the detailed reports and reference photos and video for future use, extremely helpful! 2014


J. Nyberg

Mike is a great inspector! I would highly recommend him to anyone that's looking! He's very thorough. He had us come with during the whole inspection (rather than just summarizing at the end) and explained everything as he was finding it. He explained things in a way we could understand and gave a very detailed report at the end for us to keep. There's no doubt in my mind, when looking for an inspector, Mike's the way to go!

Jason H.

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to say Thank You for taking my call this evening regarding my question about permits.  We met with our Realtor tonight to go over the inspection and I needed some clarification.  Unfortunately, it turned into a pretty heated discussion with our Realtor but we go a lot accomplished with regards to what we are asking seller to cure in order for us to proceed with the sale.  I appreciate you educating us yesterday so much that I just wanted to let you know that I will be speaking VERY HIGHLY of you to anyone that I can!  It's great to know that there is someone out there like you keeping these sellers and agents honest because the layman such as myself has no clue how complex it really is to build and maintain a home correctly.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted how things turn out.  If we do end up purchasing this home, we will at some point probably hire your services for the energy efficiency improvement items we spoke about. 

Cindy B.

Absolutely the ONLY home inspector to use when buying a home.  Totally unbiased and thorough.   Via Yelp. 8/13/13

Lisa B.

Nice compliment from a Realtor, thank you for the kind words.   Always a pleasure to hear all the interesting things that can crop up during an inspection! Always appreciate Mike and his vast knowledge!! Lisa B. 

N. McNelly

Stop reading reviews and just hire Mike. He's knowledgeable, informative and easy to work with. You won't find anyone better to be on your side during the biggest purchase of your life. I was impressed with how thorough he was finding issues and that he took the time to give practical advice regarding stuff to keep an eye on. It's rare to find highly skilled people that are also incredibly decent and pleasant to be around. Mike is that rare find.

Sara W.

We were very satisfied with the job you have done. I reviewed the report and appreciate everything you have done. This sets us up nicely to have a clear picture of things that need fixing on the house. I am an organizational freak so this is very useful to me! Thanks again Mike!!

L. Bergmann

 "Mike has done a super job for 2 of my buyers and I will recommend him again to more clients!" Service Category: Home Inspector Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

J. Gaffney

Mike is by far the most passionate and knowledgeable home inspector I’ve ever worked with.  He will go places in your home other inspectors would skip and find things other guys would miss.  If you want to know about the GUTS of your home, this is your guy! Mike also has the diagnostic tools to see INSIDE your walls and ceilings.  He can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency and suggest the RIGHT way to do it! If you want a thorough, honest, quality inspection-hire Mike! J. Gaffney, Gaffney Construction