October 14, 2013

A comprehensive home inspection or Home Energy

Audit can uncover hidden defects and safety hazards that you may not be aware of. We make every attempt to look into those little cracks and gaps that you may never think of while crawling through your attic space and other nooks and crannies. These gaps could be a great source for heat loss in the home and a fantastic energy waster. Insulation does not stop air leakage, but slows it down a bit. We focus on stopping those energy wasters so that your insulation will work like it is supposed to, saving you money.

Here is an example that we found just the other day. Folks moved into the home recently and decided to make energy improvements and take advantage of the Focus on Energy program. While in the attic, we pulled back the insulation, looked down the gap around the flue pipe and couldn't believe what we saw. The water heater flue pipe was DISCONNECTED inside the wall of the home between the main and 2nd floor of the home. Every time hot water was needed, the water heater came on and pumped carbon monoxide into the main floor and 2nd floor bedroom and living space! This is a major safety hazard! We secured the water heater and got a contractor out immediately to fix the problem.

Here is an example of one of the areas where the rafters are cut, separating from the roof deck and compromising structure. We were able to recommend a reputable contractor who fixed the problem.

This is why during a home inspection we go into the attics and small spaces above and under things. Here is a disconnected plumbing stack that is spewing sewer gasses into the home. 

Having us perform your home inspection or Home Energy Evaluation can help make your home more safer, comfortable and more durable.

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  • J. Jauch.

    Very happy with the home inspection. It's good you took the time to look at the attic and roof you saved us alot of money! 2014