High Energy Bills?

We look at the root cause of your high bills, and then make a plan to reduce them, for good.
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Drafty Rooms?

Our diagnostic services will lead us to the source of your drafts. And we sure know how to fix 'em.

Tired of Weak Home Inspections?

Why is the TV News prone to interviewing Mike from Inspect it Right? Because he does do it right.

We are a full service home inspection and energy auditing firm serving all of central Wisconsin. Contact us to learn more about our home inspection and energy efficiency services.

Home Inspections

A professional, objective, visual examination to provide understanding of the physical condition of the home.

Energy Audits

A high-tech, state-of-the-art, and comprehensive, whole-houseassessment of the home.

Our Philosophy

Conflict of interest FREE means we work for YOU.

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